hextio viruskiller air purifier steriliser for home

Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser

The world's most advanced air purification technology compacted into a nifty & portable device that destroys pollution & kills viruses. What are you waiting for?
airnitiative tackling air pollution in schools

Education in Focus

We help schools & nurseries create safer, healthier learning environments, because children are the most vulnerable of all to toxic air pollutants.
we are probiotic chemical free cleaning products

Probiotic Cleaning Products

They're proven to clean better and are beneficial to your health & the environment. Find out more about our #MakeTheSwitch Campaign. It's a no-chemical-brainer!
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What we can promise

Humble origins

We're founded by two friends who've experienced minor respiratory issues, concerned about the lack of attention we pay to our indoor air.

Only the best technology

We don't like to confuse things with an endless range of air purifiers & products, so we do the hard work for you and hunt down only the world's best clean air technology.

A determined goal

We're changing attitudes towards indoor air and helping people understand how it affects the health of the body and the mind, and how to improve it.

An honest service

Whether you're a business, a school or a home, we're always happy to offer free tips and advice on tackling indoor pollution. Just give us a shout!

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