We're concerned.
And you should be too.

Deeply concerned by the alarming statistics surrounding air pollution - more specifically indoor air pollution - our ‘Airnitiative’ is to raise awareness of the severe threat it poses to the health, lives and productivity of people and businesses throughout the UK.

We want people to know how air pollutants - some of which are 200 times smaller than a grain of sand, enter the bloodstream and penetrate our organs, causing just about every illness, disease and health condition imaginable.

We want businesses to understand the true costs of indoor air pollution through its immediate impacts on employee productivity and sickness, ultimately costing industries millions of pounds every year. 

A big part of the problem is a distinct lack of action amongst the general public to protect themselves and we believe it is predominantly due to lack of knowledge. Firstly, lack of knowledge on just how vast and significant the threats are and secondly, lack of knowledge on how easy it is to overcome them.

But we at Airnitiative strive to educate - bringing relevant facts and research to the doorstep of people and businesses throughout the UK, inspiring them to invest in advanced clean air technology.


Indoor air pollution - why such a problem? 

Many people typically associate air pollution with the outdoor environment and the impact of fumes and pollutants from vehicles and factories. Very few are aware that on average, indoor pollution is five times worse than outdoor pollution, and in some cases up to ten times worse. 

The confined environment of the indoors provides a trap for all kinds of air pollution, from both outdoor and indoor sources. Outdoor bred pollutants such as vehicle fumes and pollen make their way inside and combine with a vast array of indoor bred pollutants such as VOCs, chemicals, mould and HCHO from things like machinery, cleaning products, carpets, mould spores and synthetic building materials. Not to forget airborne bacteria and virus - an inevitable presence in any workplace, adding further to the toxic indoor environment.


The solution.

We invested our time into thoroughly researching the clean indoor air industry with the aim to identify its leading technology. After all, it would be no good for us to go around alerting people to the dangers of indoor air pollution, only to provide them with a second rate solution. We wanted to ensure we represent the very best technology on the market. 

And we are absolutely delighted to have become an official ambassador for Radic8, producers of the worlds highest certified clean air technology.

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