We went on the hunt for the best technology
When we started out at Airnitiative, we had no bias towards any particular air purification technology and our goal was simply to identify which technology is truly the best at removing and neutralising harmful airborne threats. When working with schools, health care settings and businesses, we didn't want to confuse things with a vast range of air purifiers, but rather promote only the most advanced and complete solution possible for all types of pollution, from traffic pollution to viruses. 

Only one winner
There was only one winner; the technology developed by the Radic8-INBair Group over in South Korea - the world leader in air purification & sterilisation. In Korea the technology has won several government tenders and swept across the country going into schools, hospitals and public buildings everywhere. It has now landed right here in the UK and has already made national headlines several times over. But this is only just the beginning and we at Airnitiative are delighted to call ourselves ambassadors for their incredible technology.

How does it work?
The technology first uses a selection of filters including a HEPA Filter and a Carbon Filter, similar to those you'll find in most standard air purifiers, but this is only a fraction of the job. It is in their super advanced and patented UV Reactor Chamber that the magic happens via a process called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). It isn't the use of UV + PCO alone that makes the technology so advanced; UV + PCO has been used elsewhere as a sterilisation method. But it's the way in which they do so. The chamber is so large with multiple lamps and chromed nano titanium mirrored tube filters polished with loose activated carbon, using reflection and refraction techniques to neutralise all pollutants in a single air pass. Every aspect of this scientific application has been stringently developed and tested to ensure that it produces incredible results with absolutely no harmful by-products. 

ViruskillerTM the only technology in the world that kills coronavirus
Whilst we've been busy talking to businesses and schools about how amazing our technology is for tackling pollution and preventing the spread of more common colds and viruses, along came the global outbreak of coronavirus. And it just so happens that the ViruskillerTM technology developed by the Radic8-INBair Group is the only technology in the world to have been scientifically tested on the coronavirus, along with all main virus groups. 

Download the latest manufacturer brochures to learn more about the scientific results and background of this incredible technology: