Dentistry ranked as the number one unhealthiest job - who knew?

Those in dentistry need to be particularly alarmed - it has recently been ranked as the number one unhealthiest job. The US Department of Trade and Labour studied almost one thousand occupations and ranked them based on their unhealthiness score and dentistry came out on top. 

Each occupation was given a score of between 0-100 across a selection of core health risks, including exposure to contaminants and exposure to disease and infections. Incredibly, jobs associated with dentistry accounted for 5 of the top 7 on the list - truly staggering when you consider how many occupations were studied, including those in industries such as mining, chemical and nuclear.

Dental related occupations were ranked as follows:

Dental Hygienist - 1st
General Dentist - 2nd
Dental Laboratory Technician - 4th
Dental Assistant - 5th 
Prosthodontist - 7th

The enclosed space of a dental surgery presents a toxic concoction of airborne threats. A range of chemicals are released during dental and cleaning procedures, including the dangerous mercury vapour, and studies have rather inevitably shown that dentists have higher percentages of mercury in their blood. Materials such as arylics, composite and resins are polished into fine dust that pollutes the air and can cause a range of respiratory problems.

Furthermore, fine particles and droplets containing blood, saliva, bacteria and viruses can remain suspended in the air for hours, leaving patients and staff vulnerable to cross-contamination. Although dentists wear masks for protection, these are ineffective in protection from fine particulate pollution.

Additionally, the constant cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment in an attempt to nullify potential contamination can actually become harmful in itself, creating bioaerosols which further contaminate the air. 

It is essential for dentists to protect their health by cleaning and sterilising the indoor air of their surgeries using advanced clean air technology.

Watch the video below to hear Dr Andrew Parashchak - a surgery owner and sitting board member of the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of General Dental Practitioners, discuss the topic of air quality in Dental Surgeries. He describes it as 'an elephant in the room' in the dental industry and talks about the significant impact Radic8 clean air technology has had in his surgery.


The technology
We invested our time into thoroughly researching the clean air technology market with the aim to identify its leading technology. After all, it would be no good for us to go around alerting people to the dangers of indoor pollution only to provide them with a second-rate solution.

Most of the technology on the market purifies air using filtration technology - typically HEPA filters, which can be very beneficial but have their limitations. Firstly, they don’t catch some of the most harmful particles i.e. anything smaller than 0.3 microns and secondly, the pollutants that they do catch aren’t killed or neutralised in the system, so can build up over time and actually become a source of pollution.

Only one company are producing technology able to catch and neutralise all air pollutants right down to the smallest nanoparticle, performing complete sterilisation;
Radic8 and their innovative, patented ViruskillerTM technology. 

As the
Highest Certified Clean Air Technology in the world, Radic8 products use an advanced UV reactor chamber to neutralise all known air pollutants, from chemicals and traffic pollution to virus and bacteria, making the dentist surgery a safe place to work.

We at Airnitiative are delighted to be an Official Ambassador for Radic8 technology. If you are considering installing clean air technology in your dental surgery, don't settle for a second rate solution.

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