How often do you give thought to the quality of air in your home?

Home is the place we should all feel safest in life but if you aren't considering the quality of your indoor air, it can be far from safe. People often find this hard to believe and we understand why, given that air pollutants are invisible. Trying to emphasise the severity of something that people cannot physically see is always going to prove challenging. 
But consider how often you open windows and doors at home? Unless you live in a warm climate, its probably not very often. Here in the UK we like nothing more than the cosiness of home - tucked up indoors with the heating and/or fire on and a cup of tea. The warmth feels great but it is impossible to occupy good quality air in such an enclosed space. It's this confined environment that means on average, indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air, and in some cases up to ten times worse. 

Those who live in built up, urban areas with busy roads nearby are at particular risk, as toxic traffic pollutants can make their way inside and become trapped. Indoor bred pollutants found in the home come from a range of sources including deodorants, hairsprays, air fresheners, cleaning products, cooking methods, candles, furniture, carpets and paints.

With regular circulation of fresh air proving a real challenge in colder climates, it is essential to clean and sterilise indoor air using advanced clean air technology. For those who are most vulnerable of all to air pollutants such as babies, children, the elderly and those with health conditions, it is even more vital.

The solution
Thankfully, Radic8 - producers of the world's finest clean air technology, have designed and manufactured the perfect solution. They have compacted their patented technology into a small and affordable device called Hextio that is perfect for use at home. Unlike standard air purifiers, Hextio uses advance UV chamber technology to kill and neutralise all known air pollutants, performing complete sterilisation. 

We at Airnitiative are delighted to have become an official ambassador for Radic8 technology. 
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