A single airborne virus can prove fatal for the elderly. 

Sadly, it is the most vulnerable in our society who are disproportionately affected by air pollution and the elderly are at high risk of damaged health and often death. As we age, our immune systems become less effective at fighting illness, and a single airborne virus can prove fatal.

Elderly people have an increased chance of suffering from chronic diseases, such as lung, heart or liver disease and air pollution has been shown to worsen all these conditions, as well as increase the chances of stroke or heart attack.

Staff in elder care facilities - where an outbreak of a virus such as influenza can be life-threatening, are constantly battling outbreaks of infection and unpleasant odours. We humans spend on average 90% of our time indoors however this figure is inevitably increased in the elderly, with many of those in care homes never venturing outside.

There’s a vast amount of literature on the affects of air pollution on the elderly and studies have demonstrated that even low levels of air pollution can prove deadly, with researchers concluding that there is simply no safe level of particulate matter for the elderly.

It is crucial for elder care facilities to invest in advanced clean air technology and protect their vulnerable inhabitants.

The technology 
We invested our time into thoroughly researching the clean air technology market with the aim to identify its leading technology. After all, it would be no good for us to go around alerting people to the dangers of indoor pollution only to provide them with a second-rate solution.

Most of the technology on the market purifies air using filtration technology - typically HEPA filters, which can be very beneficial but have their limitations. Firstly, they don’t catch some of the most harmful particles i.e. anything smaller than 0.3 microns and secondly, the pollutants that they do catch aren’t killed or neutralised in the system, so can build up over time and actually become a source of pollution.

Only one company are producing technology able to catch and neutralise all air pollutants right down to the smallest nanoparticle, performing complete sterilisation; 
Radic8 and their innovative, patented ViruskillerTM technology. 

As the 
Highest Certified Clean Air Technology in the world, Radic8 products use an advanced UV reactor chamber to neutralise all known air pollutants, from traffic pollution and chemicals to virus and bacteria, making Elder Care facilities a safe place to live and work. 

We at Airnitiative are delighted to be an Official Ambassador for Radic8 technology. If you are considering installing clean air technology in your Elder Care facility, don't settle for a second rate solution. 

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