Being mindful of air pollution in the workplace
Coverage of air pollution is in the news and media every day and the public are becoming more and more aware of the dangers. Employees and customers alike are concerned with the air they are breathing. And here’s an important fact that many are now beginning to understand; indoor air is generally more polluted than outdoor air. These enclosed boxes that we work and operate in are essentially little traps for all kinds of pollutants and it's important to take better care of them. Sufficient ventilation and air flow solutions are hugely important for air quality but they don't directly tackle pollutants and in busy cities, the air being circulated from outside can be highly polluted. It is essential to take extra steps to directly tackle pollution and viruses. 

It’s no surprise that recent surveys on employees have shown air quality to be the wellness perk that matters the most. Clean air is the most important thing you can give to employees and it isn’t just a luxury that will help protect their long term health. Clean air in the workplace is proven to boost productivity, reduce sickness and subsequently save money for the business. 

As public awareness grows, promoting premises free-from pollution is a great way attract customers, set the highest standards and demonstrate your attention to good health. Strive to offer customers an escape from busy, city pollution as opposed to a doorway into a highly polluted, enclosed space. Air pollution has been declared a public health emergency in London we are creating clean air spaces across the capital.