Viruskiller Technology & Covid 19
Guidelines and recommendations on commercial indoor air quality & use of clean air technology are set to experience huge changes as a result of COVID19 and Viruskiller technology is at the forefront. We have been proud ambassadors for Viruskiller air purification technology since we started out, helping raise its profile here in the UK - getting out and about, informing businesses and healthcare settings on how great the technology is and why it is important to invest in clean indoor air. 

But now the scope has changed; the technology is in demand like never before and commercial settings everywhere are aware of the world’s most advanced clean air technology. Many big tech companies are now looking at how to create their own versions of Viruskiller technology. However, Viruskiller is a trademarked name and the scientific application of the technology itself is patented, so it won't be easy!

For many health care facilities, Viruskiller has become an essential. However, premises with high volume of public interaction including restaurants/food & drink chains, gyms, hotels and salons are also preparing to take measures for reopening strategies. Promoting the highest standards of infection control and the cleanest indoor environments is key. 

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It’s no surprise that recent surveys on employees have shown air quality to be the wellness perk that matters the most. Clean air is the most important thing you can give to employees and it isn’t just a luxury that will help protect their long term health. Clean air in the workplace is proven to boost productivity, reduce sickness and subsequently save money for the business. 

Promoting premises free-from pollution and viruses is a great way attract customers, set the highest standards and demonstrate your attention to good health. Strive to offer customers the highest methods of infection control and an escape from busy, city pollution as opposed to a doorway into a highly polluted, enclosed space. Air pollution has been declared a public health emergency in London we are creating clean air spaces across the capital.