Airnitiative for
Care Homes.

We're on a mission
We’re founded by two friends who’ve experienced minor respiratory issues and are on a mission to help people take better care of indoor air. Naturally, we found ourselves gravitating towards protecting the most vulnerable and through our Airnitiative for Care Homes, we promote two fantastic ways to do just that. 


Viruskiller - the world’s most advanced air purification technology 
This incredible technology is ready to plug-in and go and is simply unrivalled in its capabilities to protect the most vulnerable. It inhales indoor air and in a single air exchange it kills airborne and droplet virus & bacteria and destroys harmful pollutants such as traffic pollution, VOCs, chemicals and gases. It is the only technology in the world to have been successfully tested on Coronavirus, long before the current global outbreak, achieving a 99.9999% kill rate in a single air pass. The technology was originally developed in South Korea where it has won government tenders and is installed in over 80% of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Globally it has been installed in various healthcare facilities including care homes and cancer facilities, protecting the most vulnerable. We are delighted to be an ambassador for this technology here in the UK. 



#MakeTheSwitch to Probiotic Cleaners
Conventional, chemical cleaners are absolutely toxic to human health. Probiotic cleaners are truly the future of cleaning and we have teamed up with an amazing team at We Are Probiotic to get care homes to make the switch. They are proven to clean better, increase hygiene and are beneficial to both human health and the environment. And if that wasn’t enough, they save on money with lifetime guarantee refillable bottles. 
We Are Probiotic teamed up with Delivered Health Solutions/Bunzl to carry out a scientific study in an Elderly Care Facility and the results were truly staggering. Over the 4 week trial, probiotic cleaners were found to increase hygiene by over 90% throughout the facility. The study showed that the longer the products were used, the greater hygiene continued to increase. Contact us to find out just how these incredible cleaners work and you can

Set the highest standards
The very best care home facilities pride themselves on setting and promoting the highest standards and both of our methods enable you to do just that. Airborne pollutants and viruses are the biggest threat to the health of the elderly and by installing Viruskiller technology you are promoting the safest, healthiest indoor air possible. Switching to probiotic cleaners will also protect the elderly from regular exposure to harmful chemicals and significantly increase hygiene. We are hugely passionate about both and love to talk about them, so please don't hesitate to contact us to hear more.