Air Pollution At Home?
‘Air pollution’ and ‘home’ in the same sentence sounds bizarre, right? Your home is your own cosy area where you feel safest and air pollution is an outdoor problem, right? Not so fast. ​​​​​

Your home is a sealed box 
We’re not blessed with the warmest weather in the UK, so not a lot of fresh air gets in. Our homes and rooms are essentially sealed boxes for the most part. Whatever we do in them contributes to the ingredients in the air and we all spend 90% of our time indoors.

​​​​​​​You are polluting that box
We’re all so programmed to constantly use sprays such as cleaning products, air fresheners, deodorants and hairsprays in our own homes. These products all come with toxic warning signs and contain chemical ingredients. In the small print, many of them even say ‘do not used in an enclosed space’ which is impossible. When we use these products, the toxic ingredients they release don’t just disappear and we all spend many hours inside our homes inhaling air every single second, whether awake or asleep. There are also more unavoidable sources of pollution such as cooking fumes and believe it or not, paints, carpets and building materials also give off harmful VOCs for a long time after they’ve been applied.

Traffic pollution gets inside your home and inside your body, wherever you live
A recent study looked at the placentas of 20 pregnant women and found black carbon from traffic pollution in every single one, despite the fact that 10 of the women lived in areas classed as having low pollution levels. This is just one example of heaps of research that highlights how these tiny pollutants settle inside every corner of our bodies no matter where we live. A good quality air purifier should be an essential in the home, particularly if you live in a busy area or on a busy street.

Health problems to you, your children and your pets
It’s the build up over time of breathing in these various pollutants that causes a huge range of health problems. There’s good reason that asthma and allergies are on the rise, particularly in children; we’re not taking enough care of the sealed boxes we live and operate in. There’s an endless list of more severe problems including strokes, heart and lung conditions and various cancers that result from exposure to various pollutants. And let’s not forget our little furry friends; pets health can suffer just as bad, especially from bleach and chemical cleaning products used to clean floors. 

What to do?
Firstly, start to think about the impact that chemicals in cleaning products, air fresheners and other sprays have on you, your children and pets. Begin thinking about how to reduce some of these nasty pollutants and how you can add some healthy, beneficial ingredients. Probiotic cleaning products & fresheners are the healthy future of cleaning and we at Airnitiative are really passionate about getting people to make the switch. Check them out here!

And get an air purifier for your home, one that provides a complete solution by catching and destroying all nasty pollutants. Hextio is our number one choice and the only purifier we choose to promote because it doesn't just catch pollutants like standard air purifiers, it actually destroys them inside the system.

We will soon be promoting a broader range of healthy products for the home but for now you can check out our range of cleaners, air fresheners and purifiers via the link below. 

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