Airnitiative for Schools
We help schools be more mindful of air pollution, create healthier learning environments and significantly reduce the spread of colds and viruses. Our video should tell you about what we do and below are a few additional highlights. You can also download our Airnitiative for Schools brochure at the bottom of the page.

Asthma attacks triple when children go back to school in September 
Research by Public Health England using NHS data has demonstrated that Asthma attacks in children triple in September when they go back to school. Respiratory virus and infection is considered the biggest threat to children’s health throughout the globe and with children spending so many hours of their time in school buildings, it is important to maintain healthy learning environments. In recent years, big emphasis has been put on healthier food in schools and it is now time to concentrate on healthier air. There are an entire range of sources of air pollution that are important for schools to consider including traffic pollution, cleaning products and virus & bacteria. 

Our #MakeTheSwitch campaign 
Conventional cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that are proven to damage health and it is time to stop filling our buildings with them. Evidence continues to demonstrate a wide range of health impacts associated with their use and they contribute to the rise allergies and asthma among children, yet every single day we fill our children’s learning environments with these chemicals. Even cleaners branded as ‘chemical-free’ or ‘eco-friendly’ still contain artificial fragrances and other additives that create VOCs. The true future of cleaning lies in probiotic cleaners and we have teamed up with an incredible organisation called We Are Probiotic who grow natural, organic probiotics right here in the UK. We at Airnitiative have declared war on chemical cleaners and it is our mission to get schools and nurseries up and down the country to #MakeTheSwitch! 

ViruskillerTM Technology
The air purification technology we represent is the most advanced in the world and we are providing it to schools and nurseries in the most polluted areas of the country. However, the technology doesn’t only combat toxic traffic pollution and VOCs; it also kills viruses and is the only technology in the world proven to kill airborne and droplet Coronavirus. The technology was developed in South Korea where it has won government tenders and gone into schools and nurseries across the country. Since arriving in the UK it has featured on Channel 4 Dispatches on pollution in schools and was chosen to go into the first ever state school in the UK to adopt clean air technology. But this is only the beginning and we are delighted to be a part of its development in the UK. You can learn more about this incredible technology here. 

Download our Airnitiative for Schools brochure