Over 80% of gyms have indoor air described as ‘unsafe’......Healthy living?

Research on air quality in gyms and leisure centres has discovered extremely concerning levels of indoor air pollution. 

Chemicals & VOCs
Harmful chemicals and VOCs such as formaldehyde, released from things like carpets, machinery, equipment and cleaning products, have been identified in quantities described as ‘unsafe’ and likely to trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. The constant, vigorous movements of people working out contributes to the constant release of such pollutants.

The moist, sweaty air in gyms causes inevitable dampness to walls, floors and windows. This can be even worse in centres that boast swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis. The increased humidity leads to the development of mould and airborne mould toxins are extremely damaging to health.

Bacteria & Virus
The high level of human traffic in gyms and leisure centres make them one of the most common places to catch a virus or cold. A single sneeze can release thousands of virus particles into the air that remain suspended for hours.

The human body is vulnerable whilst exercising.
During exercise, the body is more susceptible to air pollution and airborne pathogens as the immune system drops, and we also take in more air, deeper into our lungs and often through the mouth, bypassing the natural filtration of the nostrils. 

As people are being widely encouraged to exercise outside for health reasons, gyms and leisure centres must take action and invest in advanced clean air technology. 

The technology 
We invested our time into thoroughly researching the clean air technology market with the aim to identify its leading technology. After all, it would be no good for us to go around alerting people to the dangers of indoor pollution only to provide them with a second-rate solution.

Most of the technology on the market purifies air using filtration technology - typically HEPA filters, which can be very beneficial but have their limitations. Firstly, they don’t catch some of the most harmful particles i.e. anything smaller than 0.3 microns and secondly, the pollutants that they do catch aren’t killed or neutralised in the system, so can build up over time and actually become a source of pollution.

Only one company are producing technology able to catch and neutralise all air pollutants right down to the smallest nanoparticle, performing complete sterilisation; 
Radic8 and their innovative, patented ViruskillerTM technology. 

As the
Highest Certified Clean Air Technology in the world, Radic8 products use an advanced UV reactor chamber to neutralise all known air pollutants, from traffic pollution to chemicals to mould, virus and bacteria, making gyms and leisure centres a safe place to work and exercise.

We at Airnitiative are delighted to be an Official Ambassador for Radic8 technology. If you are considering installing clean air technology in your gym or leisure centre, don't settle for a second rate solution. 

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