What does hand sanitiser do for airborne viruses?

Hand sanitisers have been a fantastic addition to the health care industry and hand and surface hygiene is vitally important. However, cleaning and sterilising the air in health care facilities is of equal if not greater importance due to the incredibly high risk of exposure to airborne virus and bacteria. Many of the contaminants found on surfaces are initially airborne and it is more beneficial to tackle them at this stage. It is unsurprising that research has shown that 94% of people are worried about what they are breathing in whilst in a doctors surgery waiting room.

Throughout the entirety of the sector - from doctors surgeries to hospitals to clinics, air pollutants and contaminants really can be a case of life or death. Exposure to air pollution can weaken the body’s immune system and slow recovery time from illness or injury.

A breadth of health care occupations dominate the rankings produced by studies on the unhealthiest jobs, and it is crucial for the sector to focus on cleaning and sterilising indoor air to protect its patients and staff.


The technology 
Most of the leading technology in the clean air market utilises filtration technology - typically HEPA filters, which can be very beneficial but have their limitations. Firstly, they don’t catch some of the most harmful particles i.e. anything smaller than 0.3 microns and secondly, the pollutants that they do catch aren’t killed or neutralised in the system, so can build up over time and actually become a source of pollution.

Only one company are producing technology able to catch and neutralise all air pollutants right down to the smallest nanoparticle, performing complete sterilisation; 
Radic8 and their innovative, patented ViruskillerTM technology. 

As the 
Highest Certified Clean Air Technology in the world, Radic8 products use an advanced UV reactor chamber to neutralise all known air pollutants, including deadly virus and bacteria, making Health Care Facilities a safe place to work and visit. 


We at Airnitiative are delighted to be an Official Ambassador for Radic8 technology. If you are considering installing clean air technology in your Health Care Facility, don't settle for a second rate solution. 

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