Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser
Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser
Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser
Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser
Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser

Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser

The Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser is the smartest piece of clean air technology in the world and a must have for every home.

The indoor home environment provides a trap for all kinds of air pollution. Outdoor
 bred pollutants such as vehicle fumes make their way inside and combine with a range of indoor bred pollutants from things like deodorants, hairsprays, air fresheners, cleaning products, cooking methods, candles, furniture, carpets and paints. Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser is the only clean air technology in the world that can kill and neutralise all known pollutants, sterilising the air in your home and protecting your health.

All Radic8 products boast the same innovative, patented UV Reactor Chamber Technology - the finest in the world. But it's the way in which they have compacted this technology into such a sleek and stylish device that really makes Hextio special - it almost looks like a market leading music player! Furthermore, the Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser is affordable, incredibly lightweight and portable - enabling you to carry it wherever you wish. Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser is perfect for domestic use and in small offices, hotel rooms and elder care rooms. 

Hextio comes with two interchangable hoods - one Directional Air Flow Hood and one Essential Oil Filter Hood, meaning you can use Hextio as an essential oil diffuser. Nothing beats pure, clean fragrances and you are free to use your own fragrance in the hood, including dry herbs.​

We believe that every home should have a Hextio, but for homes occupied by the most vulnerable including the elderly, babies, young children and sufferers of health conditions threatened by airborne pollutants such as asthma, allergies and lung disease, Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser is a must have. For many, it's ability to kill and neutralise all known air pollutants including bacteria and virus, could mean the difference between life and death. When CEO Richard Greenwood founded Radic8, he did so because his father had developed COPD and nothing on the market was efficient enough at cleaning and sterilising the indoor air in his apartment. If you too suffer with COPD, asthma or any other lung condition - you need a Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser that neutralises all asthma triggers.
Hayfever sufferers - the same applies to you! Approximately 50% of the population suffer from allergies and Hextio neutralises the allergens that trigger allergies such as Hayfever.

Weight 1.2kg Dimensions H330 x D106 x W126mm Noise 40-49 dB
Coverage 20 Square Metres Surface stood or wall hung Remote control included
Carbon filter change:
6 months
Reactor cell change: 8000hrs (alarm) Includes 2 spare carbon filters
Max electricity 15W Includes fragrance filter case Two hoods - air flow & essential oil

Our promise
We only represent the finest clean air technology in the world. No other technology on the market can deliver the results Radic8 products like the Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser can, and that's a fact.
Standard air purifiers only catch larger air pollutants such as dust, pollen and dander but cannot catch the smallest, most dangerous particles. They also do not kill or neutralise the pollutants they do catch, meaning the system itself can become a source of pollution over time. 
Radic8 products like the incredible Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser are the only products in the world that catch and neutralise all known air pollutants, using their innovative, patented UV Reactor Chamber Technology.

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