Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser

Hextio Air Purifier & Steriliser

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent high demand, we are currently taking pre-orders with expected delivery in 2-3 weeks. Hextio is the slickest, most efficient domestic air purifier in the world and a must have for every home. Unlike most air purifiers, Hextio doesn’t just catch harmful air pollutants, it kills them, providing unrivalled capabilities in removing pollutants including viruses, traffic pollution, allergens and mould. Hextio contains Viruskiller, the only clean air technology in the world to have been successfully tested on all main virus groups. If you're on the lookout for an air purifier for your home, make sure you have a read below and find out why Hextio is the only domestic air purifier we at Airnitiative choose to promote.


Please note: Due to the recent high demand for Hextio, we are currently taking pre-orders with expected delivery in 2-3 weeks


We did the research for you
Here at Airnitiative, we’re founded by two friends who’ve experienced minor respiratory issues and when we first started out, we too were overwhelmed by the amount of air purifiers on the market. But we were thorough in our research and went on the hunt to discover only the finest technology in the world that is truly the best at removing and destroying harmful pollutants, creating healthy, clean indoor air. 


Hextio doesn’t just catch, it destroys
Hextio occupies the world’s most advanced air purification & sterilisation technology developed in Korea by the Radic8-INBair Group. It is installed in many hospitals, schools and public buildings around the world. Unlike most air purifiers, it doesn’t just catch harmful air pollutants - it breaks them down and destroys them in a super advanced and patented UV reactor chamber. Hextio is simply unrivalled in its ability to destroy all known harmful pollutants including:

- Viruses & Bacteria
- Traffic pollution
- Allergens
- Mould & Fungi
- VOCs, chemicals & gases


Hextio kills viruses 
This cutting edge technology is known as Viruskiller because of it's capabilities and it has been tested on some of the most harmful viruses. See the scientific results of the technology on viruses below and you can learn more here.


Who needs Hextio?
Hextio is a great addition to every home, but for those occupied by the most vulnerable including the elderly, babies, young children and sufferers of health conditions threatened by airborne pollutants such as asthma, allergies and lung disease, Hextio is a must have. The superior capabilities of Hextio are backed up by science and if you want to see the results for yourself, don’t hesitate to give us a shout - we’d be delighted to share them with you! 


Slick & Stylish
Not only is Hextio the most advanced domestic air purifier on the market - it is also the most stylish. With such a sleek appearance it almost looks like a market-leading music player! Weighing just 1.1kg, Hextio is also super lightweight and can be picked up and moved around with ease. Hextio can automatically detect when air is polluted and switches to full fan mode, with a light that indicates when air is clean. 


You’d think the most advanced and stylish clean air technology on the market would cost the most, but you'd be wrong. The team at Radic8 technologies worked hard to make Hextio as cost effective as it is powerful. What are you waiting for?




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