INBair 02 Portable Oxygen Purifier

INBair 02 Portable Oxygen Purifier

Welcome to the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish Oxygen Purifier. We humans are powered by Oxygen and the oxygen levels we breathe outdoors are around 21% and in a busy indoor space this drops to about 17%. The INBair 02 provides you with an astounding blast of 40% oxygen to fuel your brain, whether you're in the office, the car or about to have a workout. You'll be amazed at how invigorated you feel!


The World's First Designer Oxygen Purifier
INBair 02 is a slick, portable and lightweight device that is designed to significantly boost energy levels. Just rest the headset around the back of your neck, position the cord out in front of your nose & mouth and carry on about your day. The device delivers an incredible 40% Oxygen straight into your lungs as you breathe. If you're using the INBair 02 whilst out and about, we recommend purchasing the stylish designer bag which can be bought separately.


Give yourself the natural energy boost you need
We obtain 90% of our energy from Oxygen so why not begin maximising your intake. In the great outdoors, optimum levels of oxygen are around 21% but in a typical indoor space this can drop to just 17% - not good enough for us humans to function efficiently. INBair 02 provides you with an astounding 40% Oxygen to fuel your brain, so forget the coffee, forget the red bull - Oxygen is what you need to boost your productivity!


Try it for 20-30 minutes and be amazed at how awake you feel!


Perfect at work
As soon as you enter a building - particularly a busy workplace, Oxygen levels decrease and Carbon Dioxide levels increase. Everyone has experienced feelings of mental fatigue, tiredness and headaches within the workplace and generally people attribute these to factors such as food, sleep or the work itself. Yet very often, responsibility lies with the quality of indoor air we are breathing. Oxygen levels in a place like a busy indoor office are around 17% - far below the 21% that is ideal for humans. So forget the coffee, forget the red bull - Oxygen is what you need to boost your productivity at work! 

Perfect in the car & for lorry drivers
In a small enclosed space of a car or lorry cabin, air quality levels can be poor and in the UK it is not always viable to open windows. We all know the importance of feeling awake behind the wheel, particularly when on motorways and going on long distance drives. We've all seen the 'tiredness kills - take a break' signs on the side of the motorway and people usually stop for a coffee or open a window. But with its car adaptor, INBair 02 is perfect for use whilst driving, keeping your brain awake with a blast of 40% oxygen! 

Perfect for exercise
The INBair 02 can be used as a buddy before or during exercise, depending on the type of exercise you're doing of course! Everyone likes to consume coffee, bananas or isotonic sports drinks around exercise, but we obtain 90% of our energy from Oxygen. Giving yourself a blast of Oxygen with INBair 02 before exercise can help increase oxygen levels in your body and get you energised. If you are playing a sport that has breaks such as half-time in football or rugby, INBair 02 is great to give you a quick boost of energy in between. Or why not use INBair 02 whilst in the gym? If you are doing stationary weight exercises you an keep INBair 02 close by to give yourself a boost and saturate your muscles with extra Oxygen, helping you achieve those extra reps. 

Note: INBairO2 is not a medical oxygen concentrator so should not be purchased by anyone requiring oxygen for medical conditions. INBair 02 is not a device for tackling indoor air pollution. ​​​​​​​




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