Probiotic Atomiser

Probiotic Atomiser

The Probiotic Atomiser from We Are Probiotic releases 100% natural, organic goodness into your air with every spray, as billions of healthy probiotics get to work, eliminating odours and cleaning surfaces.Conventional air fresheners and atomisers are damaging to our health and it's time to make them a thing of the past.Choose good health, choose probiotics!


Stop using harmful air fresheners
We at Airnitiative encourage you to have a search online and do some research into the truth about market leading, conventional air fresheners and atomisers. They are full of harmful chemicals and toxic VOCs that are damaging to health, especially for sufferers of asthma and various throat and lung conditions.
Such air fresheners can cause breathing difficulties, infant illnesses, nausea, headaches and damage to various organs and the central nervous system. 

Probiotics - Natures Nano-Technology
The incredible team at We Are Probiotic grow these 100% natural, organic probiotics for their range of cleaning products and have now produced this fantastic Probiotic Atomiser to replace conventional air fresheners and atomisers. With every single spray, billions of live microorganisms are released that are beneficial to health and beneficial to the planet. They truly are natures nano-technology and continue to work away on unwanted bacteria for hours after being sprayed.

Perfect for toilets & washrooms
The live microorganisms eliminate unpleasant odours by completely natural means. Ammonia is a problematic odour, especially in washrooms and is created when bacteria convert uric acid (from urine). Probiotics feed on uric acid and use it as an energy source whilst effectively out-competing other bacteria found in washrooms. Ammonia is totally neutralised and hygiene levels increased.




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