Radic8 Viruskiller VK 401 Air Purifier & Steriliser

Radic8 Viruskiller VK 401 Air Purifier & Steriliser

The world's highest certified clean air technology neatly compacted into a space-saving, wall hung unit, perfect for a range of commercial settings including offices, dentists, school classrooms, nurseries, waiting areas and salons. The Viruskiller technology by Radic8 occupies unrivalled capabilities in commercial air purification & sterilisation, neutralising all known pollutants and providing clean and healthy indoor air. We are delighted to call ourselves an ambassador for Radic8 technology and we are able to provide leasing options on the VK 401, meaning you can pay monthly at a cost you will hardly notice.


Note: We provide a full range of Radic8 Viruskiller products to a variety of commercial clients. Please feel free contact us directly with any enquiries on purchasing the VK 401 and other Viruskiller units which are tailored to differing premises. Please also note that due to recent high demand for Viruskiller technology, delivery times are delayed/varying.


The World's Highest Certified Clean Air Technology
Where would you go to find the world’s number one clean air technology? To the world’s number one country for clean air technology, of course; South Korea. All Radic8 products boast the super advanced ViruskillerTM technology developed in South Korea where it won several government tenders and has been placed in thousands of buildings across the country, including schools and hospitals. It is now gaining the global recognition it so deserves. 

Unlike most air purifiers, Radic8 products like the VK 401 don't just catch harmful air pollutants - they break them down and destroy them in a super advanced and patented UV Reactor Chamber. Some of the most dangerous pollutants can be up to 200 times smaller than a grain of sand and simply can't be caught in filters - they have to be destroyed. The VK 401 is truly unrivalled in its ability to destroy all known harmful pollutants including:
- Viruses & Bacteria
- Traffic pollution
- Allergens
- Mould & Fungi
- VOCs, Chemicals & Gases

Cutting edge technology uses a three stage process to tackle pollution
The VK 401 utilises a three-stage air filtration and purification process to thoroughly clean air in a single air pass:
Stage 1: Washable Pre-filter and Nano Silver-Coated HEPA Filter remove larger particulates such as dust, skin cells, pollen, dander, mould and fungi. 
Stage 2: The principle in stage two is based on Albert Einstein’s photon energy.  The patented reactor chamber occupies 8 ultraviolet lamps with 40 Titanium Dioxide Nano-Coated Filter Tubes that are filled with Activated Carbon. The chamber utilises Fresnel’s equations for ultimate reflection and refraction to multiply the effects of this advanced process. The Nano-Coated Filter Tubes react with the UV light to create the strongest oxidants known to man - Hydroxyl Radicals (-OH) neutralising the smallest, most dangerous air pollutants including traffic pollution, gases, VOCs and viruses. 
Stage 3: Activated carbon filters provide final air-polishing.

Kills Viruses, including Coronavirus:



The Science Speaks for Itself
The technology has been rigorously tested in both Universities and Medical Research Facilities and the science speaks for itself on this cutting edge technology. Below are some of the core scientific results:
98% Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Removal
- 99.9999% Respiratory Viruses Destruction
- 100% Toluene Destruction
- 99.9999% Ecoli Neutralisation
95% Formaldehyde Removal
99.99% Bacteria & Fungi Neutralisation
99.97% Fine Dust and Particulate Removal
- 99% Odours and Toxic Gas Removal
Its test results are unrivalled and if you wish to see or hear more about them in depth for yourself, please don't hesitate to get in touch; we'd be delighted to share them with you.

Slick appearance & low-cost maintenance
- Slick wall hung, plug-in unit with minimal installation.
- Super efficient on energy usage and coverage of 60 square metres.
- Built-in silencer to keep noise levels to a minimum
- Low-cost maintenance, especially in comparison to most commercial air purifiers. The HEPA filter needs replacing every 2000 hours (approx 6-8 months dependent on usage) and is easily accessible and should be brushed off regularly) and the Carbon filter every 6000 hours. The Reactor Chamber needs replacing every 8000 hours (approximately 2 years) dependent on how high the pollution levels are. The reactor chamber has an alarm to notify you when it needs changing.

Boost Employee Productivity, Decrease Employee Sickness, Save Money
By properly cleaning the air in your workplace and destroying viruses and harmful pollutants, you won't only be protecting the health of your workers and customers, but through the increases in employee productivity and decreases in employee sickness you will actually save money. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to hear more about the vast research.



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