We only represent the highest certified clean air technology in the world.

We entered the clean air industry as an entirely neutral organisation, absent of any brand loyalty and determined to source the finest clean air technology on the market. We wanted to ensure we provide only the very best solution to the dangers we are so concerned with.

We initially envisaged representing several manufacturers in order to promote a healthy selection of products ranging in price, size, and aesthetics to suit various customers. However, it soon became clear that one company are producing technology far superior to anything else on the market. So superior, that it's the only technology we represent.
We are delighted to call ourselves an official ambassador for Radic8, creators the world's highest certified clean air technology.


Why so superior?
The clean air industry occupies a vast range of impressive designer air purifiers, all laying claim to the most effective removal of airborne pollutants.  They all generally use the same technology in one way or another; a HEPA filter system, first manufactured back in the 1940’s and sold commercially the following decade. Although undoubtedly beneficial, HEPA filters do not catch some of the most dangerous particles i.e. anything smaller than 0.3 microns. 


Additionally, standard air purifiers do not actually kill or neutralise pollutants. Manufacturers will use terms like 'catch' and 'remove', but it's important to consider what happens to these pollutants once they are caught. The truth is that they build up over time and make the system itself a source of pollution. Research has demonstrated that microbial contamination begins to grow on a HEPA filter within 6 days and begins sporing within 2 weeks. 

Check out the video below for a full analysis:

Only the innovative, patented technology developed by Radic8 is capable of both catching and neutralising all known air pollutants, right down to the tiniest, most dangerous nanoparticle. 

Their UV reactor chamber technology doesn't just purify, it performs complete sterilisation, neutralising all pollutants including traffic pollution, VOCs, chemicals, bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses, hence their very name; ViruskillerTM.

Check out the video for a full analysis of how this incredible technology works:

Don't settle for anything less.
If you are considering investing in clean air technology, go ahead and do the research yourself. Observe the leading brands and consider the size and type of pollution they catch, and what they do to eradicate pollutants once they are caught.

Like us, you will soon realise there's only one winner.