Viruskiller technology & Covid19
We have been proud ambassadors for Viruskiller technology here in the UK since we started out. Now, in the midst of the global outbreak of Covid19, the incredible capabilities of Viruskiller technology are getting the widespread recognition they so deserve. The technology was founded in South Korea - the world leader in commercial air purification technology, following the 2004 outbreak of SARS. The level of innovation in South Korea is no secret - they set the standards in these industries and the technology swept across the country, winning government tenders to go into healthcare facilities, schools and public buildings everywhere.

Many clean air technology companies make false claims regarding their capabilities, particularly in relation to viruses. There's absolutely nothing to hide about the capabilities of Viruskiller technology and you can download the scientific results brochure at the bottom of this page. It is the only technology to have been successfully tested on all main virus groups, including Coronavirus and most importantly boasts a 99.9999% kill rate in a single air exchange. The technology is now being recognised far and wide, expanding beyond it's success in the Asian market as Europe and the rest of the world acknowledge the benefits of advanced clean air technology. 

The scope has changed
Guidelines and recommendations on commercial indoor air quality & use of clean air technology are set to experience huge changes as a result of Covid19 and Viruskiller technology is at the forefront. We have been helping raise its profile here in the UK but now the scope has changed and the technology is in demand like never before. In response, Viruskiller technology will soon be manufactured on these shores, providing UK businesses and healthcare facilities with faster access. 

For many health care facilities and care homes, Viruskiller has become an essential and we have launched our own Airnitiative for Care Homes to give priority to the most vulnerable. However, premises with high volume of public interaction including restaurants/food & drink chains, gyms, hotels and salons are also preparing to take measures for reopening strategies. Promoting the highest standards of infection control and the cleanest indoor environments is key. 

For domestic use, Viruskiller technology is compacted into a slick and portable device known as Hextio. Again, unprecedented demand for the technology has resulted in delays to delivery and it is best to contact us directly for any domestic enquiries. 

Contact us on 0203 488 1204 for any enquires regarding Viruskiller technology. 

If you want to learn more about the technology and how it works, you can download the latest manufacturer brochures below: