We Are Probiotic Air & Fabric Freshener for Pets

We Are Probiotic Air & Fabric Freshener for Pets

The only downside of keeping our furry friends are the smells that often linger in the air. General air fresheners only succeed in masking odours and are often full of harmful ingredients that are damaging to health. This 100% Organic and Natural pet-friendly freshener eliminates odours, neutralises smells and keeps your pets healthy.


Stop Using Harmful Air Fresheners
We at Airnitiative encourage you to have a search online and do some research into the truth about market leading, conventional air fresheners. They are full of harmful chemicals and toxic VOCs that are hugely damaging to the health of both humans and pets. 

Probiotics Are Natures Nano-Technology 
The incredible team at We Are Probiotic care about health and they grow these 100% natural, organic probiotics to create their revolutionary products, designed replace conventional air fresheners and cleaners. With every single spray, billions of live microorganisms are released that work far better than conventional cleaners and fresheners and are beneficial to health and beneficial to the planet. They truly are natures nano-technology and continue to work away on unwanted bacteria for hours after being sprayed.

Healthy For Pets
Most people don't realise the damage that conventional, chemical products we use do to our pets. Pets are usually in much closer contact with floors and surfaces than we are, especially their mouths and respiratory functions. Making the switch to probiotic products will put healthy ingredients around your house as opposed to harmful pollutants. 

Probiotics Outperform Conventional Fresheners - And It's Not Even Close! 
Probiotics are alive and once you spray them, they begin eating away dust, allergens and any organic matter that creates nasty odours. Most people aren't aware that conventional, chemical cleaners and fresheners only actually work whilst wet (around 10 seconds or so). The live cultures in We Are Probiotic products continue to work away whilst dry for up to an incredible 72 hours!

Make The Switch Today, It's A No-Chemical-Brainer!


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