We Are Probiotic Multi-Surface Cleaner

We Are Probiotic Multi-Surface Cleaner

NOTE: DUE TO CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES, OUR STOCK OF WE ARE PROBIOTICS IS ON HOLD AND WE AREN'T CURRENTLY DISPATCHING THESE PRODUCTS. The future of cleaning is here. This 100% Organic and Natural Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner is the healthy alternative to conventional, chemical cleaners that are toxic and damaging to health. Every spray releases billions of healthy microorganisms that literally eat organic matter, out-competing bad bacteria and creating a healthy environment. These live cultures are great for your health and great for the planet. Make the switch today, it's a no-chemical-brainer!



Stop Using Toxic, Chemical Cleaners 
We at Airnitiative encourage you to have a search online and do some research into the truth about market leading, conventional cleaning products. They are full of harmful chemicals and toxic VOCs that are damaging to health and can cause an entire range of health problems including damage to lungs and respiratory functions, cancers, nausea, headaches and damage to various organs and the central nervous system. If you are a sufferer of any kind of lung or throat condition including asthma or a sufferer of allergies, it is extra important not to use such products. 

Probiotics Are Natures Nano-Technology 
The incredible team at We Are Probiotic care about health and they grow these 100% natural, organic probiotics to create their revolutionary products, designed replace conventional, toxic cleaners. With every single spray, billions of live microorganisms are released that work far better than conventional cleaners and are beneficial to health and beneficial to the planet. They truly are natures nano-technology!

Probiotics Outperform Conventional Cleaners - And It's Not Even Close! 
Probiotics are alive and once you spray them on a surface they begin eating away dust, allergens and any organic matter that creates nasty odours. Most people aren't aware that conventional, chemical cleaners only actually work whilst wet (around 10 seconds or so). The live cultures in We Are Probiotic products continue to work away whilst dry for up to an incredible 72 hours! If you want to see or hear more about the scientific results of these cleaners, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd be delighted to share them with you. 

Refillable Bottles To Reduce Plastic Waste
All of the We Are Probiotic sprays come in durable plastic bottles that you only need to buy once and then purchase refill sachets to mix with water. Cutting down on plastics and better for your pocket and the environment! The bottles come with a lifetime guarantee and if the nozzle breaks just let us know and we'll get it replaced.

Beneficial For Children And Pets
The small, developing bodies of children are more susceptible to damage from the chemicals and VOCs found in conventional cleaners. Such cleaners state on the packaging to keep away from children and you'd be horrified to see your young child reaching for a bottle, always taking caution to ensure they're tucked away out of reach. That's until it's time to clean the child's bedroom or the surfaces where they are about to eat, then people will happily spray them everywhere. This is a real contradiction and damaging to their health!
Pets are also susceptible to damage as they are usually in much closer contact with floors and surfaces than we are, especially their mouths and respiratory functions. Making the switch to probiotic products will put healthy ingredients around your house as opposed to harmful pollutants. 

What Are We Thinking?
There are many things we humans used to do that we look back on and say "what were we thinking?" and we at Airnitiative truly believe that one day we will do this about our obsession with toxic, chemical cleaners. One glance at the back of the packaging tells you all you need to know about how toxic they are. We know these products are bad for our health, but we trade them off because we see them as the answer to cleanliness. But as more research and evidence continues to emerge highlighting just how damaging they truly are, it's time to #MakeTheSwitch to the future of cleaning.

What's The Deal With Anti-Bacterial?
We have an obsession with being 'anti-bacterial' but what we need to be is anti-bad-bacterial and pro-good-bacterial. That's because the majority of bacteria is actually good - in fact we humans are made up of bacteria! There are millions of different bacteria in your gut alone. Have you ever been on a course of antibiotics and recommended to consume probiotics afterwards to restore balance? The spaces around us that we live and work in are exactly the same! Bleach and conventional anti-bacterial products create unhealthy dead-zones, whereas probiotic products create healthy, balanced environments that are better for health. These beneficial bacteria will compete with bad bacteria (pathogens) eating away all the food and causing pathogens to die of starvation. 

In addition, harsh chemical cleaners that boast a 99.99% kill rate still leave 0.01% of resistant bacteria on your surfaces. These pathogens will have no competition on the recently cleared surface, doubling their number every 21min. In 24h that means trillions of resistant bacteria. No being has ever survived starvation, therefore cleaning with probiotics can achieve a total reduction in harmful bacteria (including the superbugs that cant be killed with harsh chemicals or antibiotics)

Make The Switch Today, It's A No-Chemical-Brainer!


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